Video of me talking about Villain, Victim, and Helpless Stories

I’ve been planning to upload video blog posts for a while now, but hadn’t actually gotten around to doing it for a number of excuse-type reasons.

So, since I subscribe to the philosophy that not only is “perfect the enemy of the good”–“good enough is the enemy of at all“, I’ve posted something.  Expect more in the future!

Here it is:

Want an important perspective on bipolar? Watch this video.

A friend of mine sent me a link to the bipolarorwakingup YouTube channel a while back, and I’ve since then shared it with a number of other people, some of whom have diagnoses of bipolar.

I’ve read the book the guy who’s behind this wrote about his own experience, and I can’t say we see eye to eye about every detail (and if I were translating into my own words, the language would be lower on the woo-woo scale), but I think the basic perspective he’s offering on mental illness is an extremely important one.  His videos do a much better job of explaining than I could do justice to in a short post, so just watch.  It may be one of the more mind-altering things you’ve seen recently: