Classical composers and their modern day equivalents

It all started when I was playing some Basshunter on the radio in the car, and Shawn commented that it sounded like Sibelius.  We decided to think of with as many pairs as possible, and these are what we came up with:

Sibelius Basshunter
Shostakovich Radiohead
Mozart Eminem
Puccini Madonna
Johann Strauss Backstreet Boys
Richard Strauss Pink Floyd
Berlioz Marilyn Manson
Schumann Nirvana
Mendelssohn Weezer
Debussy Postal Service
Ravel Death Cab for Cutie
Pachelbel Nickelback
Dvorak Cake
Lizst Michael Jackson
Wagner Kanye West
Beethoven The Beatles
Brahms U2
Vivaldi Britney Spears
Bach Christina Aguilera
Paginini Liberacci

If you can think of any other ones, add them in the comments!

Update: I added a few clips to demonstrate why I think some of these pairs are similar.  

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