Brain burning

Here’s a thought experiment:

If you could burn ten claims about the nature of the world into everyone’s brain, so that they truly grokked them, which ones would you choose?  

My answers, stolen from all over the place, in rough order of perceived importance:
  1. Reality is not vague.
  2. The past is sunk.
  3. There is no failure, only feedback.
  4. The human mind is comprised of sub-selves.
  5. To communicate effectively with sub-selves, be curious about their deepest desires.
  6. Pain is an attention signal from a sub-self.
  7. When sub-selves compete for attention, suffering arises.
  8. Curiosity eliminates suffering.
  9. We exercise our agency by directing our attention.
  10. All judgments (including self-judgments) are alienated expressions of our unmet needs.
What do you think of my ten?  I want to hear yours because I like the idea of compiling and sharing the best of the basic principles that guide the actions of the people whose accomplishments and thinking I respect.


2 responses to “Brain burning”

  1. becush Avatar

    These are crazy simple, but if all people were to grok them…1: There is no god(s). There is only belief and the placebo effect.2: The meaning of life is to make more life. 3: We are very very small.4: You can not be dishonored by others, that affliction is purely self driven.5: We’re all monkeys. 6: Never eat the turkey legs at theme parks.7: Fall in love everyday. 8: Golden Rule.9: The Earth was once flat. Remember this when using the word “never.”10: I’m not very smart. I just have a lot of mallible space in my head that most would reserve for sports statistics.Some obvious, unmet needs. I need a banana.

  2. Divia Melwani Avatar
    Divia Melwani

    Thanks for posting these!My favorite is “4: You can not be dishonored by others, that affliction is purely self driven.”

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